A Fresh Start for Credit Challenged Borrowers

As of late I have been getting requests from borrowers that have experienced either a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale.   There really haven’t been great options…… Until now!
This new program is called Fresh Start.   The Fresh Start product is just that – it’s designed to help borrowers buy or refinance a home after a bankruptcy or foreclosure, but have since rebuilt their credit.

Here a few bullet points this product offers:

  • Loan amounts up to $1M
  • Minimum credit score 580
  • 100% gift for down
  • Higher Debt to Income Ratios
  • No seasoning requirement for BK, foreclosure, short sale
  • Purchase or rate & term
  • cash-out refinance with a max cash back of $350,000
  • No pre-payment penalties

Please call me or fill out your information under my Resources tab, and we can discuss your loan scenarios to learn more about this program and others designed to fit your needs.

Big News from Europe-Outlook Good for Rates & Pricing

Early action in Europe from the European Central Bank was good for bonds, which makes it good for pricing. The big news comes from Europe, as the ECB (European Central Bank) opted to keep its stimulus settings unchanged for now, and even left the door open for increasing bond purchases. There was concern heading into this meeting that the ECB might formally signal its intent to taper back the economic stimulus, which would have been bad for pricing. Instead, the ECB statement made it clear that it was ready to increase the program in size or duration if the outlook becomes less favorable.  Fed Deputy Chairman Stanley Fischer has come out and said he will step down in October, adding to uncertainty about leadership at the central bank as the end of Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s term approaches.  Not sure yet how this will affect the outlook of a Fed rate increase this year, but it will have no effect on the September’s Fed meeting.  So, the mid-to-longer term outlook remains good for rates and pricing, as it has for quite a while now.

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